At the start of a new plan year, it’s especially important for you to present your new health insurance ID card each time you see a provider or fill a prescription. This ensures your claims process just as they should, according to your plan benefits.

We want to make sure you have access to your policy information, should your ID cards be delayed.

Fortunately, if you don’t have your ID card in-hand, you can access a digital ID card using the Blue Connect mobile app.

  • Members already registered in Blue Connect: Members can log into Blue Connect to view their new 2022 ID card and plan information.
  • Members not registered in Blue Connect: If members don’t yet have a Blue Connect account, they do NOT need an active ID card in hand to register for Blue Connect. Existing members can register using their 2021 subscriber ID. New members who have not yet received a Blue Cross NC ID card can use an alternate registration process to register (shown in the attached registration guide).

As a reminder, Blue Connect can help you with more than just a digital ID card – you can use it to track your claims and deductibles, search for providers, and so much more.

Blue Connect How to Register Guide[2]

ID Card Flyer[2]


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