BCBS Annual Notices

June 27th, 2017

Annual Notices 2017-18

Attached is BCBS Annual Notices for 2017.  (more…)

Recent changes to Benefit Booklet

May 31st, 2016

Please review attached amendments to the Benefit Booklet.

Recent Changes Page-Drug Synchronization and Proration May 2016 (225 KB)

ANNUAL NOTICES for Eligible Employees and Beneficiaries of EMPLOYEE BEINEFIT PLAN

February 20th, 2016

Attached is the Annual Notice for Eligible Employees and Beneficiaries of the Employee Benefit Plan for LIFE, Inc.

If you would like a copy, please contact the HR department at corporate.

LIFE Inc Annual Compliance Notices 2016 (757 KB)

Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

February 13th, 2016

The attached document is and important notice from LIFE, Inc. about your prescription drug coverage and Medicare.

LIFE Creditable Coverage Notice (96.6 KB)

Information Regarding your Retirement Plan

February 28th, 2015

Attached is information regarding your retirement account from August 14th, 2015.  If you would like a hard copy, please contact Cathy Price, Wilson Raynor, or Sammy King at the corporate office.

Retirement Account information August 14, 2015 (203 KB)

Drug Free Work Place

February 7th, 2015

Review attached link regarding the Drug Free Workplace Policy.

Drug Free Workplace 2014 (21.9 KB)

February 2015 Drug Free Workplace Awareness

February 6th, 2015

February 2015 Drug Free Workplace Awareness

2-15-drug-free-work-place (22.3 KB)

Information Concerning the Cyber Attack on Anthem, Inc.

February 5th, 2015

Please see the link for information concerning the cyber attack on Anthem, a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate.  Our Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan IS NOT associated with Anthem but you can protect your identity for 2 years at no cost to you.

Anthem, Inc. cyber attack information (775 KB)

Performance Analysis for 2013

August 15th, 2014

Attached is a copy of the Performance Analysis for 2013.

Performance Analysis for 2013 (308 KB)

CARF International Survey

February 14th, 2014

IFE, Inc.’s CARF survey has been scheduled for August 20, 2014 – August 22, 2014.  The poster which was emailed to managers on 6/30/14 should be posted on the bulletin board in each office, group home and day program.

CARF is an acronym for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.  CARF International is a family of private, non-profit organizations (including CARF Canada, CARF-CCAC, and CARF Europe) that accredit health and human services.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a process that demonstrates a provider has met standards for the quality of its services.  CARF International establishes these standards to guide providers in offering their services and also uses the standards to evaluate how well a provider is serving people and how it can improve.

What is a survey?
As a step toward accreditation, a provider invites CARF International to send a team of professionals, called surveyors, to visit its site and evaluate its services for quality.  The surveyors consult with staff members and interview people who use the provider’s services. Based on the surveyors’ review, the provider may be awarded accreditation for a term of one or three years for CARF accreditation.

Thanks for all you do each and every day for the individuals we serve.   By examining our practices from the perspective of outcomes and/or results on an ongoing basis, we can continually strive for improvement in efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction for all of our stakeholders.

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